I’m a licensed architect with over a decade of experience in Vienna, Austria. I have a double degree in Architecture and “Building Science and Technology” and I am deeply passionate about design that generates great emotional experiences for people.


I was born in Romania and raised in the bustling city of Bucharest. While travelling abroad, I noticed that not only were the people I met reacting differently to what I knew from back home, but I too felt differently. As an architect, I couldn’t help but wonder how much our built environment contributes to these experiences. 


While studying at the Technical University of Vienna, I delved into the fascinating world of Architecture Psychology. I discovered countless studies that demonstrate the powerful influence that the environment can have on our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.


I believe that as the environments we live in become increasingly designed by humans, we have an opportunity to actively shape them in ways that support our mental and emotional well-being. With this in mind, I’ve focused my design practice on designing homes that seamlessly blend beautiful design with the latest science in human well-being.


Vienna remains a huge source of inspiration for me, and I enjoy sharing my favourite design finds and perspectives on Instagram and Tik Tok. Through my online classes and social media channels, you can delve deeper into my ideas and approach to design.