Art Nouveau Tour -2 pavilions by Otto Wagner


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Dear Vienna Design and Architecture fans, 


time for an Otto Wagner tour with a guide. This time we will focus on 2 of his beautiful art nouveau pavilions along the U4 line: Karlsplatz and Hitzing. These pavilions are only open for a couple of months over summer and the tours are usually in German so it’s only by special request that we got one in English.




was one of Vienna’s most successful architects. His Post Office Savings Bank and the Church in Steinhof are key buildings of European architecture around 1900. As the general planner of the Vienna Stadtbahn (the light urban railway -U4 of today), he designed an entire work of constructional technology, a synthesis of the arts that added new accents to the cityscape. 




The Art Nouveau pavilion was erected in 1898 in the course of Stadtbahn construction as one of two portal buildings of identical design. Today, the Pavilion is used by the Wien Museum to house the Otto Wagner documentation exhibition.

Wagner’s design on the pavilion was revolutionary. The many decorative details make the station into a prime example of Viennese art nouveau. Metal and wood were painted apple-green, the signal colour of the Stadtbahn. Gold, and finest white marble were added on the exterior.




On Wagner’s initiative, the Hitzing pavilion was specially built for Emperor Franz Joseph and his innermost circle of family and courtiers at Hietzing U4 station. Designed in unique modern style and completed with opulent art nouveau interior decoration, the building was to serve all the needs of the Emperor and his entourage.

That Franz Joseph actually used the pavilion only twice for a trip on the Stadtbahn was of secondary importance to Otto Wagner: His main concern was that the imperial splendour which the „supreme court” cast over the little building should bring a breakthrough for modern architecture.




The Presentation of each pavilion taxes roughly 1 hour.

12:00 Karlsplatz Pavilion

13:30 Hitzing Pavilion

Afterwards we can have a cake at Aida and exchange impressions if anyone is up for it.








Cancellations can be made until 48 hours in advance.  

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Looking forward to seeing you! 





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Date: August 04, 2019

Start time: 12:00

End time: 15:00

Venue: Otto Wagner Pavilion Karlsplatz

Directions: Otto Wagner Pavilion Karlsplatz

Phone: 06766733559