My one-hour consultation service is designed to guide you through a framework of questions that will clarify your objectives and help you get unstuck. By taking the time to reflect on what truly matters to you, we’ll identify the key challenges you want to address, ensuring that the design solutions align with your unique needs and goals.


Based on my thorough understanding of your lifestyle, behaviors, and desired outcomes, we’ll discuss a couple of possible solutions that will set you on the right track toward creating the change you desire. 


After the call, you’ll receive a PDF document summarising the topics we discussed and an action plan.

Example topics: 

  • How to optimize space functionality and fluidity
  • How to structure and organize a space to make it feel simple
  • What interventions you can take to improve your well-being at home
  • How to create a sense of hygge and coziness at home
  • How to design your space to support better habits
  • How to create a home office that will enhance productivity and creativity



  • Documents analysis before the call
  • One-hour conversation call with me
  • A summary PDF of the call



1. Right after booking, you should receive a confirmation email with the details of the call.

2. Within 24 hours, we'll send you an email requesting some information about you and your space. This will allow me to prepare and make the most of our time together.

3. Our meeting will be held online via Google Meet. To ensure a smooth experience, please make sure your camera and microphone are adequate, and you have some familiarity with online meetings and Google Meet.

4. In the beginning of our meeting, I'll ask you some questions to better understand you and the challenge you're facing. During the second part, we'll discuss potential solutions and provide you with personalised recommendations to transform your space into a perfect fit for your lifestyle and needs.

5. After our meeting, you'll receive a comprehensive summary in the form of a PDF document, which will include a summary of our discussion, my recommendations, as well as any additional photos or sketches that we discussed during the call.

Ready to make a change in your environment? You can book our call together by pressing this button.



You can reschedule or cancel up to two days before the call. 

My aim is to deliver a fulfilling session by arriving well-prepared for our call, actively engaging with you throughout the consultation, and synthesizing all the valuable insights into a straightforward and user-friendly PDF. This will empower you to implement the recommended changes immediately and achieve your desired outcomes.

Therefore, there will be no refunds on consulting services already rendered.