Vienna is a beautiful city that has a lesson about design at every corner. If you are looking however for formal education or just having some classes that would help you develop your design skills, here are a few suggestions from me. I encourage you to make some of your own research. There might be things you will discover on your own that I have not thought of or have changed after the publication of this blog post. www.studium.at is a really good place to start.

The Angewandte is the only place that I know of  where classes are being taught in English. I know most universities and teaching institutions are expanding their curiculum all the time so if you wish to apply somewhere where you can learn in English, it’s worth asking each of the universities individually.

In the end with design, it’s not so much about the formal education you have, but the portfolio of work that you can show people, so whatever you choose, make sure it helps you achieve a quality portfolio you can show to possible clients.


Die Angewandte

Die Angewandte is like the Disneyland of Design in Vienna. It really is incredible in terms of what it offers its students. The amount of students is low due to a tight application process, but once you are in, boy is the Angewandte an awesome place. You have pottery workshops, wood workshops, CNC milling machines, printing machines,  you can learn about Fashion and Industrial design, you can spray paint and take photos in a professional studio, you can learn about architecture…it’s just an awesome place to be in. I happened to build the model for my Master Degree in there and I was amazed at everything the students of the Angewandte get to experience. It really is like Hogwarts minus the magic. Everything you ever thought about designing is possible. You have both the machines, the technical personnel to support you as well as some superstar architects and designers to guide you on your way like Zaha Hadid, Greg Lynn or Hani Rashid.


The Technical University of Vienna

Now the Technical University is technically not a university specifically for design. It does incorporate however the field of architecture and if you ever do want to become an architect, then the Technical University is for you. While studying architecture, the university offers you a great ammount of learning opportunities that go into other fields of design (like graphic design, industrial design or media). You will, however, graduate as an architect.


The Academy of Fine Arts

As the name says, it is art you will be studying here but they do have a field of study stage design and one of architecture and they are in my opinion comprised under the great world of design. So if you ever want to study architecture in Vienna, you can do that at least 3 universities and according to the university curriculum, you are allowed to university hop a bit, which means, no matter where you enrol, you are allowed to have classes at other universities in Vienna for a max of 10 credits or so.

At all of these universities I have listed so far, you can study for almost free (20 euros/ semester or so) if you come from the EU space. Other regulations apply if you come from the outside of the EU and here you have to check with each university you are interested in.


The New Design University

This is a private University and a non-profit organization. It is partly sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and partly by the students who have to pay more or less 3000 euros per semester. The University does offer a large array of design fields like interior design, book design, light technic, food design and design thinking, just to name a few. The New University is technically not in Vienna but in one of the smaller satellite cities surrounding Vienna: the city of St. Pölten. It is very easy to reach from Vienna via the S-Bahn train.



A great choice if you want to study more digitally based design like: web, animation, games, music and film. Participating in the Bachelor and Master programmes offered by the SAE Vienna means you will be eligible to receive a Middlesex University award on successful completion. SAE offers also a large array of online courses, workshops as well as a coworking space called “the space”.


Die Graphische

Die Graphische, where you can study starting already at 14 years of age offers a broad range of fields of study like print media, graphic and communication design, photography and multimedia. There is a selection process before you enter the school so be prepared. If you start college at 18 years of age, you can graduate with a state recognised diploma.


VHS- Die Wiener Volkshochshulen

The VHS is a state learning institution that coaches pupils and youth in their learning journey in order to prevent departing the educational process as well as support grown-ups to further education programs that strengthen their position in the labour market. Among the classes they offer are architecture, printing graphic, ceramic, metal and woodwork as well as jewellery design and fashion. The classes vary in prices and they are all in the German language.



The WIFI is a service facility belonging to the Vienna Economic Chamber. It’s both an educational institution and a continuing education institution.  It offers the possibility to graduate from certain fields of study and also to take classes that would further your career. In terms of design, it offers classes in interior design and shop window design as well as web design and graphic. Again, all classes are offered in German.



Born from the desire to learn from real people making their craft not a classroom, Videar strives to make learning more accessible for everyone living in or visiting Vienna, wether they can speak German yet or not. All the workshops and experiences are available in English. The workshops are a way of connecting with people of similar passions, as well as giving people the opportunity to try out a new creative skill. Trying out new things builds confidence, generates new ideas in the other aspects of peoples lives as well as binds people together emotionally through that shared experience. Learning should be fun.