Videar is a digital learning platform about design and architecture. Its purpose is to show the unseen elements that generate good design: the parts, the process, and the science. It supports learning through experience, encourages creative people to connect and exchange their knowledge as well as offer more transparency to the creative life of Vienna to everyone living here or visiting.



All humans are innately creative and exploring your creative side, or trying out a creative activity should be easily accessible to everyone. If you can share the cars (Uber) and the homes (Airbnb) of local people, why not share their knowledge? Why not have a look behind the scene in the workshops and studios of local creatives and learn from the people who are the best at making their craft? What might you learn from this new perspective?



Alina, Romania

“Thank you for the Koloman Moser event. I enjoyed a lot the experience which reflected you energy and passion and attention to details. Being a non German speaker, for me this was a perfect opportunity to learn about the country, history and understand better Vienna today through this lenses. It gave me the chance to participate in an English guided tour without having to be concerned about organising it. Looking forward for next events!”

Fabian, Austria

“I’ve lived in Vienna for many years, yet each of Ana’s events lets me experience something new, something I wouldn’t have done or seen without her. That and her infectious enthusiasm keep me coming back for more.”

Sylvia, Austria

“I really enjoyed rediscovering my city and sharing this experience with people from all around the world. Vienna has so much to offer, that it’s sometimes hard to choose. It’s great if a local like Ana, who not only knows about the interesting places, but thanks to her architecture and design background gives you a different perspective and you can just enjoy that moment with others. “


One way to learn from creative people is to have a peek over their shoulder in their studio. Events like “Drinks & Design” give you the opportunity to combine socialising with learning from creatives through short presentations.


For a couple of hours you can also put yourself in the shoes of a designer and try out their craft. You can choose from a wide array of workshops like: furniture paining, textile printing, jewellery making…you name it and develop your creative side. Who knows, you might find something you will love for the rest of your life!


If you want to have a turbo “peek behind the scene” or a special visit in one of the many palaces and villas around Vienna, you might opt for a tour. You’ll be learning about the painstaking design process of architects and other creators as well as get to know the other tour members over drinks.