I’m a licensed architect with over a decade of experience in Vienna, Austria. I have a double degree in Architecture and “Building Science and Technology” and I am deeply passionate about design that generates great emotional experiences for people.


I was born in Romania and raised in the bustling city of Bucharest. As soon as I started traveling abroad, I noticed something peculiar. Outside of my familiar places, I felt and acted differently.  The people I met reacted in unfamiliar ways to familiar situations too.  And while many of these reactions can be pinned to culture and education, as an architect I had to wonder – to what extent does our environment shape how we feel and how we behave?


While studying at the Technical University of Vienna, I delved into the fascinating world of Architecture Psychology. I discovered countless studies that demonstrate the powerful influence that the environment can have on our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.


After gaining a vast experience as an in-house architect, I have taken the leap in establishing my own design studio. My focus is on teaching everything I know and designing homes that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with the latest research in promoting human well-being.

As human design continues to shape our environments, we have an opportunity to actively shape them in ways that support our mental and emotional well-being.