How your home can help you drink more water

So if you are like me, you probably forget to drink water all the time and the only time you remember it is when you get a headache. But then it’s too late.

So how can you drink more water?

Our brain works like a muscle. If it has to take too many decisions during the day, it gets tired. To prevent fatigue, it relies on environmental cues on taking decisions that require no power.

For example, seeing the same coffee shop on the way to work is a cue to stop and have your favourite coffee. A cookie on the kitchen counter is very likely to get eaten. Products placed at eye level on shelves in the grocery stores are more likely to sell than products placed on lower shelves.

So if you want to drink more water, place water pitchers in eyesight and in places where you are likely to spend your time. On your home office desk, on a side table, in the kitchen. If you want your brain to do more of a specific action, you have to place more cues for that action in the environment.


Photo by Andrew Ren on Unsplash