Why you love round furniture

In 2007, two cognitive psychologists concluded that angular shapes trigger fear in us as they suggest potential injury. Think thorns and spines of a plant, the sharp teeth of an animal, or the cutting edge of a rock.

They also concluded that the sharper the angle, the stronger the fear.

So angularity sets us on edge a little bit as it inhibits joyful movement. You will not break into a spontaneous happy dance if you might hurt your hip in the corner of a table, are you?
So, by contrast, round shapes evoke safety and invite more joy in our life. An oval coffee table can be the centre for conversation and impromptu games. Large rubber exercise balls are not just great for posture but can lift office spaces’ mood, and polka dots spark more playfulness in the room.

So try to invite more round shapes into your home.


Photo by HalGatewood.com on Unsplash