Beyond the Box: Unleashing Joy with Round Shapes in Home Design

It’s intriguing to think that the shapes around us can significantly influence our emotions. As per the research of cognitive psychologists Stephen E. Palmer and Thomas Schloss in 2007, angular shapes might trigger subconscious feelings of discomfort and fear. This might seem surprising, but when you contemplate on it, the logic is compelling.

Consider the natural world: the thorns on a plant, the sharp teeth of a predator, or the cutting edge of a rock – all these angular shapes hint at potential danger. The researchers also found a direct correlation between the sharpness of an angle and the intensity of fear it elicits.

In the context of home design, these findings indicate that angular furnishings and decor might make us feel slightly on edge. Imagine trying to navigate around a sharply cornered table – the risk of bumping your hip might inhibit free, joyful movement.

Contrastingly, round shapes tend to evoke feelings of safety and prompt more joyous interactions. They subtly invite us to let loose, move freely, and engage more heartily with our surroundings. For example, an oval coffee table can become the heart of conversation and impromptu games. Large, round exercise balls are not only excellent for maintaining posture but can also uplift the mood in office spaces or home studios. Furthermore, decor elements with round shapes, like polka-dot patterns, can stimulate a sense of playfulness in a room.

So, how can we leverage this understanding of shape psychology in our home interior design? By inviting more rounded shapes into our living spaces! Consider incorporating rounded furniture, circular rugs, or spherical lighting fixtures into your rooms. Even minor changes, like swapping angular picture frames with round ones, can make a substantial difference in the overall atmosphere.

In conclusion, understanding the cognitive psychology behind shapes can enrich our approach to home interior design. By favouring round shapes, we can foster safer, more inviting, and joyous spaces – setting the stage for a life full of spontaneous happy dances.